Curtain Holiday Crafts!

The Holiday season is a natural time to celebrate, reflect, and give thanks.  It is also a time of year that can easily be overwhelming with get-togethers and gift-giving.  
Today we will make thoughtful and resourceful, handmade gifts that will no doubt make you and your loved ones focus on the beautiful simplicity of giving. 
I was asked to make these crafts using curtains as we are paying homage to the musical, ‘The Sound of Music’ on TCL. In the musical, the lovely character Maria, makes fun clothing for the children out of curtains. 

Here are four crafts to make using curtains:
1.    Curtain Tent

As a child, I always looked forward to attending family holiday parties because it meant that I would be able to spend time with my cousins.  Some of my favorite memories are playing Barbies with my cousins in my aunt and uncle’s big closet.  Please note, my family did not request or suggest that we play in the closet, we just love the idea of a fort.  My cousins and I thought it was really fun to have a space all our own.  

Curtain Tent - Photo By:   Glenn D. Griffin

Curtain Tent - Photo By: Glenn D. Griffin

While thinking about this project, I thought, ‘How cool would it be to make a portable fort for parents to take out for their children just around the holidays?’

For this project, I used two large panel curtains that I purchased, second hand at the Arc’s Value Village. These curtains were priced under $10.  I went to Home Depot and purchased five 1x2 pine boards.  These boards are six feet and will not need to be cut to make the A-Tent-Frame. I also purchased one 1x3 board that I asked to be cut in half. This board will be used as a support on the bottom of the A-Tent-Frame. I purchased eight bolts that I drilled on the top and bottom of the A-Tent-Frame. I used one of the 1x2 to string the tab curtains on and then I put this on top of the A-Tent-Frame.  All the wood and bolts were under $20.

Shopping List:
-    Two, Six Feet Curtains
-    Five, 1x2 Pine Boards
-    One, 1x3 Pine Board – Cut In Half
-    Eight Bolts

2.    Curtain Ornaments
This is the easiest and most charming craft and it’s perfect for the holidays!  In my quest to find cute curtains for this, ‘Sound of Music’ theme segment, I found a great holiday plaid. This plaid is so darling on its’ own, I wanted to keep this craft simple. 

I also purchased a plain white curtain and a lace curtain for this project. All of these curtains were under $5 at the Arc Value Village.

I went to the craft store and purchase the smallest embroidery hoops. I cut the curtain in a circle a little bit larger than the hoops. After I secured the curtain swatch in place, I then embellished with ribbon and bows to make this a holiday ornament.   This would be a fun craft to with a favorite piece of clothing that is no longer wearable.

Shopping List:
-    Holiday Plaid Curtain
-    Embroidery Hoops
-    Ribbon

Curtain Craft Hoop Ornaments - Photo By:   Glenn D. Griffin

Curtain Craft Hoop Ornaments - Photo By: Glenn D. Griffin

3.    Clay Curtain Ornaments:
I was really drawn to the lace detail of one of the curtain panels. I thought the lace would resemble snow if imprinted in clay. 

I purchased inexpensive clay from the craft store.  I made small flat circles, punch a hole through the top of the clay, and then started pressing the lace details into the clay. I then added a bit of paint and fine glitter to the lace imprint in the clay. The lace detail is very fine and understated.  
I wanted more of an imprint so I grabbed my cranky cat and placed her paw into the clay.  I was pleased with the imprint she was not. I baked the clay ornaments at 150 degrees for 10 minutes. After the clay cooled, I cut thin pieces of curtain to then string through the clay discs to make a holiday ornament.

Shopping List:
-    White Clay from the Craft Store
-    Ribbon / or strips of Curtains
-    Paint
-    Fine Glitter

Clay Ornament 

Clay Ornament 

4.    Curtain Gift Wrap:
All of these gifts need gift wrap! 
I loved the patterns, textures, and colors of the left-over curtains scrapes from my crafts.  I used thin pieces of the curtains to embellish my holiday gift wrap. 

Piece of curtain make great bows and embellishments on presents

Piece of curtain make great bows and embellishments on presents

Here’s to a wonderful season of thoughtful and resourceful gift-giving!